The 15 Best Portable Washing Machines of 2020

Whatever pattern of life you prefer, laundry happens regularly. You can do it yourself using portable washing machines or send it to the washing house, but you are not able to ignore the fact that you have no clean clothes or linen. What isn’t certain is the way you should do it. This task can become a trouble if you have no correspondent equipment allowing you to do it at home. But on the plus side, here you have the choice. There are so many portable washing machines with diverse features which suit various apartments and houses regardless of the space availability.


Now we’d talk exactly about portable washing machines which are perfect for those who live alone or for a couple. Such appliances are compact having about three feet in height and about two feet in width. They do not require a strong and skilled man to install them as the full-sized models do. On the contrary, you can move portable washing machines around the house easily. But you can use them only if you have access to a sink. That is why the best place for them is a bathroom or kitchen.


Now we are going to list the most popular and efficient portable washing machines. You are suggested to consider the best portable washing machines and choose the one you need.

This portable washing machine and dryer is one of the well-known reliable portable washing machines providing electric washer and spinner with the overall capacity equal to 4.5 kg. Its weight is about 19.5 kg, and its dimensions are 33.46 x 18.90 x 18.90 inches.


Here, you will enjoy the only cycle which is completely automatic. Just launch a unit and forget! But first, you are suggested to set up the performances to get the expected result. It is possible to choose the washing and spinning programs.


Such portable washing machines come with a built-in drain pump and drainage tube allowing them to get rid of the used water easily and quickly. The portable washing machines of this producer are designed to cope with the medium volume of the stuff.

Homgarden full-automatic washer review

Best Efficient

It is considered to be one of the portable washing machines due to its small size (27.2 x 23.6 x 15 inches) and lightweight (13 kg). It includes two tanks for washing and spinning, and each has a capacity equal to 3.6 kg and 2.2 kg respectively.


To program such portable washing machines for the particular amount of laundry, you can set time for wash (15 min per load) and spin (5 min per load) using convenient separate timer control. Enjoy the comprehensive design of portable washing machines of this brand.


This model includes an uncluttered operation panel where you will find helpful options. Just put your stuff into the tank, fill it with water, set the performances, and launch it. Features the best capacity ever! Is realible, quite-working and qualitative.

Kuppet washing machine 13lbs

Best Combo

ROVSUN mini portable washing machine has a twin tub with a maximum water level showing that the tub is full up to the top. Being compact (11 kg in weight and 23.2 x 13.9 x 26.5 inches in size), it is still rather powerful.


Its total capacity makes 6 kg (3.5 kg – a washer, 2.5 kg – a spinner). You are suggested to benefit from washing and dehydration functions, the so-called “Spin Wash” and “Spin Dry”. Such portable washing machines are designed both for houses and apartments and meet the requirements of one person or a couple.


Being semi-automatic, the unit is a perfect solution as far as it runs smoothly and provides a fast result. The frame of these portable washing machines is made of high-quality stainless steel covered with durable plastic and PP material. The surfaces are smooth; thus, the walls of the tube will not damage even a very delicate timber. Your clothes will continue to look new after a lot of washing cycles.

ROVSUN Washer 13.4 lbs

Best Quiet

Pyle Compact Portable Washing Machine (Upgraded Version) is an enhanced model of its previous analog being almost 11 kg in weight. Its size is as follows: 22.2 x 13.9 x 23.6 inches. These are the common dimensions for the portable washing machines of this type. It is loaded from above allowing you to save space in a small kitchen or bathroom where every centimeter counts. It has the rotary controls on a top lid.


You can set the wash or spin timer and needed programs adjusting those controls. The portable washing machines are usually installed without efforts and can be used without special customization. Just load, fill it with water, add detergent, and launch.


The tank is covered with a translucent lid allowing you to watch the process through such a window. You will not have to buy a power cord besides, as far as it comes with the package. As most portable washing machines of this category, it includes a drain hose. There is a drain selector too.

Pyle Washer and Dryer 11 lbs.

Best Spin Power​

Meet the comparatively new models of the series of semi-auto portable washing machines. Regardless of rather compact sizes (23.6×14.37×28.74 inches), this model has a surprisingly large capacity.


Home laundry becomes easy thanks to such performances. Its washer capacity is equal to 4,5 kg while a dryer capacity is equal to 3 kg. The tanks are separated allowing to wash and dry simultaneously. You can apply the 15-minute timer. The unit comes with a drain hose and water inlet hose. Thus, you will arrange washing without efforts and additional expenses. It is 6 kg in weight. The frame is made of PP and ABS material covering the stainless steel of high quality.


The well-done design allows you to reduce the consumption of detergent and water. You will cope with such portable washing machines in no time, but if there are some questions, you can use the attached instructions.

4-EVER washer and dryer 11 lbs review

Best Capacity

It is an appliance with a top load and space-saving dimensions (14.5 x 24 x 28.2 inches). It is 9 kg in weight. The unit comes with a helpful manual for users of such portable washing machines.


Though this appliance is a comprehensive and functional solution for doing laundry in an apartment or small house and you will hardly need the instructions. It does not take a lot of space, still meeting the needs in medium laundry loads. You can set a wash or dry spin. Be sure that when laundering is over, these portable washing machines will stop automatically. Also, they have a drainage tube and built-in drain pump providing simple and fast-draining out. And when the tank is empty, you can continue filling it with the next load of laundry.


Use such portable washing machines for delicate clothing and be sure it will not damage the fabric. The top lid shows what is happening inside the tank and that is an additional advantage as far as you can monitor the water condition. Apply the Dual Function option if you want to spin wash and spin dry simultaneously. You are suggested to benefit from the timer control.

Washing machine Della 33l washer review

Best Compact

This is a Mini Washer with a twin-tub made of high-density plastic. Regarding the best portable washing machines in this article, we cannot skip this model. Its overall dimensions are 25 x 22.4 x 15.2 inches. Its weight is 11 kg. You can count on 2.5 kg wash capacity and 2 kg spin capacity.


Such affordable and powerful portable washing machines meet the diverse requirements. The unit is equipped with a durable aluminum pump. It features a convenient twin-tub option allowing you to speed up washing. There is the True rinse technology intended to consume less water and provide the best rinsing results at the same time. Enjoy two deep rinses on any cycle you choose here. It has a timer that can be adjusted following your preferences. You will hardly find a lot of portable washing machines providing such a rare combination of powerful performances and high reliability.


This model guarantees proper washing. Also, portable washing machines of this producer have a durable construction. The frame is made of lasting material. Since it is referred to as the category of lightweight, one may easily use such portable washing machines during camping.

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

Best Mini Twin-Tub

This model is intended for compact laundry, for example on camping. The overall dimensions are 14.57 x 14.17 x 22 inches. It is 5.6 kg in weight.


Being light and small even compared with other portable washing machines, provides flexibility. You can move it around without difficulty. It is good for small houses, motor homes, and even camping. Buy it if you have to choose compact appliances. The capacity of such portable washing machines is up to 4 kg.


This model has a translucent tank allowing you to keep the process under control. Also, it includes a spin cycle basket. The consumption of electricity is low. You can save your money using this appliance as often as you need. Enjoy an automatic rinse cycle making your laundry clean. Such a compact portable washing machine is very durable being made of PP plastic material.

HomeGarden 7.9 lbs. washing machine review

Best for Camping​

The presented washing appliance can be used in an extremely easy way. It is 6 kg in weight. Its dimensions are 22.4 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches.


This washing machine consists of the only tub which is intended for both washing and drying. The capacity is equal to 2,5 kg. The model is very compact and well-designed.


The transparent top lid allows you to monitor the water condition inside the tank. You can choose this compact portable washing machine regardless of the usage place because it is rather tiny.


It will meet the requirements of a single user or a couple. Mind that only small loads are possible here. Such portable washing machines are used easily. You will find the only control knob on the top. Adjust the time of spinning choosing from zero to five.

Costway mini washing machine review

Best Easy-in-Use

MyPortaWash portable mini washing machine is a non-electric unit with the overall dimensions equal to 15.3 x 14.7 x 14.7 inches. Its weight is equal to 3.7 kg.


This appliance can wash thoroughly without any electricity. There is no need in the generator to make it run. You can take it with you in your car, establish at any place you need and use it in no time almost. Its capacity of about 5 liters allows to clean different clothes. It will take you some effort to use it as far as it operates while you apply your foot to pump it.


Also, there is a release valve that is activated when you press a correspondent button allowing you to drain away from the dirty water. Such portable washing machines are perfect for camping and other places where there is no access to electricity.


You can use this unit in the house also if you want to save your money or have to do without electricity due to emergencies.

Compact My Porta Wash review

Best Non-Electric

This portable washing machine and dryer combo is intended for small apartments. One may utilize it outside too.


Its capacity is equal to 7 kg and that is a lot for portable washing machines. Its overall dimensions are 15.2 x 13.8 x 13.5 inches while the weight is 3 kg only.


As we have mentioned, it is a cheap portable washing machine and a spin dryer at the same time. You should add some water and detergent to do laundry. Choose any function and switch between them, changing the pulsator. The unit is easily controlled thanks to a convenient rotatable handle. You can wash even heavy clothes including the stuff you have to wash manually like baby clothes or delicate fabrics.


There are a lot of portable washing machines reviews which prove its efficiency. Moreover, it does not consume much electricity.

Portable Laundry washer and dryer combo review

Best Eco-Friendly

Giantex Portable Washing Machine and Dryer is nice for small dwellings. Its overall dimensions are 22.6 x 14 x 22.2 inches. Its weight is 11 kg.


The unit includes a twin tub, saving much time for you. You can wash and spin at a time. This portable washing machine for apartments allows you to wash up to 5 kg of the stuff while the capacity of the spinner dryer is 3 kg.


The washing will last around 15 minutes while spinning will finish in 5 minutes. Also, you are suggested to set the time you suppose to be needed.


Such portable washing machines are equipped with a filter keeping dirty things during the washing process.

Giantex 16lbs washing machine review

Best Economic

This is one of the portable washing machines with pump build-in which can clean your clothes thoroughly and gently.


This model weighs rather heavy featuring 37.4 pounds. The tiny dimensions alow placing it whatever you wish. It can wash approximately 5 kg at a time. The unit is loaded from above and that is very convenient. Such portable washing machines will not take a lot of space in your house or apartment.


You will hardly face any difficulties with its usage. There are digital controls and a LED display showing the key performances and current status. You are suggested to choose one of six programs available and 3 water levels besides. Like most portable washing machines, it works without noise being well-balanced and stable thanks to its solid frame.

Giantex 8 lbs pump build-in review

Best Functional

This is one of the reliable full-automatic portable washing machines. Its dimensions are 21.3 x 13.8 x 13.4 inches. It includes a solid frame with durable tanks and an uncluttered top panel. Its weight makes 13.23 pounds.


The presented cheap portable washing machine is still very popular due to its smooth and reliable operation. There are several programs to select. You can set any of them to get the best result. The available options can be applied following the type of fabric.


You can wash both the delicate clothes and coarse denim. You should set the water level following a washing regime. All controls are available on the top panel. After you have set the program and launched the washer, you can forget about it until the process is over. Such portable washing machines with settings allow you to save your expenses connected with the consumption of electricity and water.

Tbest washing machine review

Best Price

KUPPET small portable washing machine with dryer is intended for a compact laundry providing the capacity equal to 3 kg. The overall dimensions are 21.2 x 16.1 x 14.4 inches. And its weight is 12.12 pounds.


Though you can find this portable washing machine too tiny, still, this one will suit your apartment or small house perfectly and can be taken in the truck for a journey. There is a water inlet located on the top, which allows you to fill in the tank manually.


Also, you will find a drain outlet and a spin-dry tub. You can use an ergonomic handle to carry the washer. Such portable washing machine operates without much noise, allowing you to have a rest alongside the appliance. Locate it wherever you want to arrange access to a sink or other water supply and draining system. Benefit from the wash control timer being adjusted up to 15 minutes, allowing you to use such portable washing machines just as you need selecting various regimes (gentle or normal one).

KUPPET Mini washer 7.7 lbs review

Best Single Tub


To use the portable washing machines, you should have a sink and an outlet nearby. It will not take any effort to set up the appliance. Of course, the various portable washing machines have different features and settings. Follow the instructions to cope with the details and launch the appliance. Considering the comparatively small size of portable washing machines, you will have to load them several times to do your laundry. That can be regarded as a drawback, but still having such a unit in your apartment makes the process easy and helps to save time and efforts needed for running back and forth to the laundry room spending the whole day, suffering the transport expenses and laundry cost.

What is the best portable washing machines to buy?

We’d mention two principle types of portable washing machines. This is a top-loading, single-stream one that does not require your attention almost. The other type is a side-by-side portable washing model with two tanks meaning that you will have to perform an additional action to continue from wash to spin. Anyway, all portable washing machines are lightweight and can be moved easily. If you want to buy the best portable washing machine and dryer combo, you should consider the dimensions and capacity. Of course, the spin speed is important. Figure out the ways to preset and customize the cycles. And the consumption of water or energy should be taken into account. Considering all the above issues, you will choose the best portable washing machines for your needs. There’s a wide range of variants, thus, you will find a washer fitting your needs and budget.

How do portable washers work?

First, you should put the laundry and detergent inside a tank, attach one hose of the washer to a faucet and let some water flow into the machine. Mind that you do not have to connect the appliance to a water supply permanently. Most portable washing machines include a hose, but there can be only an inlet for that purpose. In this case, you have to fill in such washers manually. There should be another hose allowing you to drain the water out. You can use a sink for this operation. Now, plug in and launch the unit choosing one of the washing regimes. Some portable washing machines offer a semi-permanent setup.

Are portable washing machines allowed in apartments?

Of course, there is an efficient portable washing machine for apartments. You will find a lot of models of quite similar good quality intended for usage in the houses and outdoors. They are apartment-sized being compact and saving your inner space. Besides, they provide convenient conditions for doing your laundry. Such affordable and powerful portable washing machines meet the diverse requirements. Mind that you will get the increased water and electricity bills, though, if you consider this moment before you buy a washer, you can minimize the expenses. Then, you should have easy access to your sink or bathtub because a cycle can last longer compared to a standard machine because the loads are much smaller and you will have to wash all stuff you want within several loads. When you use portable washing machines in your apartment, be sure they do not spoil the carpet or floor with water.

What is the best mini washing machine?

If you want to buy the best washer, you should consider several issues beforehand. The size is important, especially if you are looking for a compact appliance which can be moved around. The capacity of the washing and spinning tanks should be figured out too. Do not forget about electricity consumption, if the expenses matter. Look for a small portable washing machine with a dryer. In this case, the construction impacts the washing process. The washer and spinner can be separated, for instance, and that will make you interfere and transfer the laundry from one tank to another. We’d recommend you to pay your attention to the products of COSTWAY, SUPER DEAL, and other producers described in the article.

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