Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washer: Everything You Need To Know Explained

By | May 17, 2018

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a pressure washer. After researching, one thing will certainly be clear to you-should you buy an electric or gas pressure washer? Although they both do the same thing, they function and look differently, not to forget the fact that the price makes one of the key differences. In this post, we will be discussing electric vs gas pressure washer.

Power ratings

Electric units deliver a pressure of about 2000 PSI. This is mainly due to the fact that you can get only so much from a 15-amp electric motor. The numbers are usually in the ballpack of 1500-1800 PSI; however, that is pretty much it.

Despite the power delivery, electric pressure washers have several types of motors. For example, water-cooled induction motors circulate water around the engine and release it through the pressure hose. In addition, some feature axial design cam design pump whereas the most expensive models come with a triplex plunger pumps.

When it comes to gas pressure washers, even the cheapest model will beat the amount of PSI offered by electric pressure washers. With a gas pressure washer, you are talking about 2000 and 2500 PSI.

Most models offer about 2800 PSI and you can even find high-end models that deliver more than 4000 PSI.

Water flow ratings

Once again, gas pressure washers excel in this field. Electric pressure washers usually deliver about 1.5-1.5 GPM and it would be hard to find a model that delivers more than that. This is a bit difficult to understand because you can get more from an electric pressure washer. However, it’s probably because more GPM would need more expensive materials and would increase the price

On the other hand, a gas pressure washer can deliver more than 1.5 GPM. In most cases, gas pressure washers deliver about 2.5 GPM or even more. They also come with heavy duty pumps, stronger engines, steel-threaded hoses and brass parts rather than plastic, all of which can handle massive flow of water.


First, if you want a power washer that you can use indoors, then electric is the best way to go because the gas option produces harmful fumes. However, a significant number of people buy a washer for use outdoors.

When it comes to maintenance, ease of use, weight and dimension, then electric pressure washers are the best. The limiting factor comes with portability because they have to be hooked to a source of electricity.

Gas pressure washers are durable. That means that you don’t need to replace things like brass quick-connect couplers.

When it comes to starting, gas pressure washers lose because their starters are manual. You have to tug a rope to get the machine started, just like you would do when starting a lawnmower. On the other side, they are more durable and stable. But you still need to change the air filter and oil.

The best thing to do is determine the kind of job you want to pressure to do. This way, you will be able to make the right choice when it so comes to electric vs gas pressure washer.


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