Easy Steps on How to Repair Pressure Washer Hose

By | May 17, 2018

Because pressure washer hoses are usually under high amount of pressure, it is always important to take your time to do some quality repair as this can help you save money and time. Ensure that the couplings are completely seated. This is important in ensuring success when repairing your pressure washer hose.Here are a few simple steps on know on how to repair pressure washer hose: 

Unplug the unit

You need to unplug the unit for your safety and ensure that it is not damaged during the process.

Remove the water from the hoses and the unit

Although the unit may have a certain process in mind, the best and easiest way to remove water from the hose is to disconnect it from the water source. After doing this, it should be easy for you to inspect the hose without any problems. It is recommended to double check recommendation from the manufacturer by checking the user manual before repairing the hose.

Inspect the hose thoroughly

You need to find leaks on the hose. Look for pinholes, cuts, kinks, and nicks. Take your time to inspect the entire hose before doing anything. If you find more than one repair problem, we recommend not repairing it yourself.

If the pressure washer hose passes visual inspection and you still can’t find the problem, chances are that you are dealing with a pinhole cut. This can be nearly impossible to find depending on how the hose has been designed.

To find pinhole cuts, fill a container with warm water and add in some dish soap to make the water soapy. Then submerge short lengths of the pressure hose in the water as you slowly move down the hose. At the point of the pinhole, small bubbles will emerge, thereby showing you exactly where the pinhole is.

Cut at least half an inch in either direction and then remove the affected length of hose. Take time to clean the cuts and ensure that they are perfect.

Place the hose clamp on both sides of the affected cut

It is important that you do this before installing the couplings. This is also recommended for safety

Position the male repair coupling on the cut side of the hose closets to the washer

Install the coupling into the pressure washer hose by turning and pushing the coupling inside the hose. Ensure that the coupling is installed completed into the pressure washer hose

Tighten the hose clamp

In order to ensure that you have a successful connection, you will want to ensure that the hose clamp is tight.

Do the same when installing the female coupling on the cut end closest to the water source

Make sure that you check the direction on the female coupling to see if the brand has specific directions

Double check the connection

This should be done for safety purposes. Any faulty repair could damage the power washer, hose or you. Taking your time to double check this is important in ensuring a successful repair. Follow the above steps on how to repair pressure washer hose and you will experience not problems when fixing the hose.