Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer Review

By | December 28, 2017

The Karcher Company is one that has a good reputation when it comes to producing quality pressure washers. For a considerable amount of time now, the company has released several amazing products into the market with chief amongst them being the Karcher K2000 electric power pressure washer. This machine has all the basic features that a pressure washer should have and guarantees maximum efficiency. Many users love it because of its model and power. Moreover, it takes up little space, so it is easier to store as compared to other similar products. Here are some of its main features:

Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washer...

1. Has dual detergent tanks

When you purchase a pressure washer, you expect it to make your work easier in as much as it can. That is what the Karcher K2000 electric power pressure washer does with its dual detergent tanks. With these, all you need to do is switch between the removable 0.5-gallon detergent tanks and using the selector knobs. This saves you much time and effort of having to change or mix the detergents manually.

2. Has a pressurized Hose Reel

The Kercher K200 electric power pressure washer has a pressurized hose reel that makes it easier to use the machine. Once you are done with your cleaning, the built-in hose reel neatly stores the 25’ thermoplastic hose. When you want to use the machine, simply pull the hose and it will roll to your desired length. Also, the reel is easy to pull and put back because it uses one of the latest technologies that will ensure you use as minimal effort as possible.

3. On and Off Foot Switch

One of the features that make the Kercher K2000 electric power pressure washer one of the best items on the market is its power on and off foot switch. With this, it is easy to turn on the device and put it off because all you have to do is step on the foot pedal. In addition to that, the foot pedal saves you from straining your back each time you have to turn the machine on. Frequent bending can cause uncalled for back problems.

4. Gives you extra storage

Unlike other similar products on the market, the Karcher K2000 electric power pressure washer offers you extra storage. Its large removable storage bin can hold your items while you do the washing. For easier code management, the machine also has wonderful a cord storage system.

5. Compatible with other accessories

The Karcher K2000 power pressure washer is compatible with most of the other industry-standard pressure washer accessories. Purchasing it thereby gives you wider options and it is cost effective as compared to other machines that only work with the brand’s accessories.

    • The pressure washer is easy and fast to set up thereby making it convenient
    • Its additional features makes it very versatile
    • It is easy to use
    • It is very efficient and environmentally friendly
    • Built from quality material thereby making it very durable
    • Has a three year warranty
  • Poor packaging that leads to missing parts in some cases.
  • Breaks down regularly

What are the frequently asked questions about Karcher K2000 power pressure machine?

Some of the many questions that customers tend to ask about the Karcher K2000 electric power pressure washer include:

This pressure washer machine has a hose code of 20 feet and a power cord of up to 35 feet according to its manufacturer.

Yes, the Karcher K2000 pressure washer is very flexible and can hold a hose longer than 25 feet. However, there is a limit as to how much the hose can stretch.


In the innovative world of power pressure washers, there is very few products above the Kercher K2000 electric power pressure washer regarding quality. The product’s manufacturer did everything to ensure that the machine has all the basic and additional features that a pressure washer should have including a 3-year warranty. Some of the washer’s main features include a pressurized hose reel, dual detergent tanks and an extra storage system. All these features make the machine efficient, convenient and very easy to use. Also, the fact that it uses electric power proves that it is also environmentally friendly. Kindly consider it the next time you are out to purchase an electric power pressure washer.