Karcher pressure washer reviews In 2019 [Update Guide]

By | June 25, 2019

Personally, all of our teammates are movie freak, and if the genre is Sci-Fi, then it beyond the words to describe. Maybe you are wondering by thinking that: why are we talking about Sci-Fi movie rather than Karcher pressure washer reviews?

To be honest: it’s reasonable to think, but Karcher constrained us to think above normal and recalled us of BumbleBee from the famous movie “Transformers.” Seriously!! Don’t you trust us?

Then keep patience, because the Karcher pressure washers are the reflection of BumbleBee even in their work and outlook. To prove that statement is true, here we have adorned a weapon prototype review session so that you can realize how good Bumblebee was for Sam.

But some warm up words we want to share with you before checking you in the deep web so that the rest of becomes handy and soothing. So let’s ignite the match:

History of Karcher:

The match had ignited in 1935 by German inventor Alfred Karcher and finally marked as Karcher by his last name. After the foundation of that company, it becomes one of the trusted floor, equipment, parts, cleaning device. Through that trust for sustaining the beauty of each house, and components, it earned 2.5 billion pounds in 2017.

And the revenue is generated by selling 13 million best devices in 60 countries around the world which proves that people still keep this as a weapon rather than a tool for defending those enemies who will be a threat for enhancing house beauty.  

1. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

At the beginning of our review session, want to introduce with you an electric guided pressure washer arm that is ideally perfect for house cleaning. With that weapon, one can rescue the freshness of its home from the dirt, for ensuring this, the device is made of following capacity:

  • 1.4 GPM water flow rate with 2000 PSI power is enough to create fear for the dust; as a result, the user can expect a good fight between the device and dirt.
  • On that fierce fighting, the highly durable gardening hose with having 40 times extra pressure endurance power, will give advantage in your ring.
  • In some case, there is Mafia of the grime family who does not want to turn down its lead so quickly, for tackling him; there are imminent hose reel and fervent dirt-blasting spray type wand which is supported by the inline detergent tank.
  • There is also two promise from that mighty weapon, named: quicker and more apparent, for protecting your home from future attack. To keep that oath transparent, the manufacturer has introduced an induction motor for sustainable motor lifespan.
  • Moreover, this efficient electric device has authentic N-Cor pumping technology, rust resistance, low maintenance option.
  • Also, with the help of deep-seated hose reel, the sturdy hose stays kink free so that it can serve the best assistance to the whole device.
  • However, the entire device procedure is assisted by 7.7-inch wheels.

Expert opinion:

Since the user will fight against house dirt and further dirt, the wheels and hose connector should be stronger than the present, cause plastic wheels and weak hose connector sometimes interrupt the user experience. Apart from that weak point, for cleaning house, car, or any material, K5 can be recommended as a good weapon.

2. Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer

As a rule of war, the soldier needs to select maneuver based on war nature; that’s why the second arm we are placing now on the showcase. Yes, this is none other than K2000, which is perfect for a dangerous operation. To tackle the major mission, what it will provide you? Let’s take a look:

  • For clearing the enemy zone the arm has 200 PSI with 1.3 GPM water flow rate, a perfect combination indeed
  • The smooth metal texture has also taken the blend into the next level as consequence rust and corrosion cannot make any advantage of through their attack.
  • Moreover, to retort the invasion, the device is equipped with an electrical motor, with that efficient electric motor: user will get more handy space than the gas guided motor.
  • As PWMA certifies the engine, your house will get induction technology advantage from the weapon for tasting the winning result faster.
  • Before that winning moment user usually faces a few significant issues: especially at the time of cleaning. For making those issues easier the product owner has attached two detachable 0.5-gallon detergent knobs, so that different type of detergent can be used, to clear all the unwanted objects.
  • Extramural that, some more features are installed to rig the pre-winning issues, such as long corded wind to perform the critical task, tranquil handling option space for saving types of equipment.
  • For carrying that device, there are two robust wheels as a result hassle-free fight can take place anywhere.
  • Even the durable hose reel has indulged the movement of the wheels in such a way as if a smooth transition of water can be occurred without any interruption by having a safe landing.
  • Besides, the three years warranty, fast replacement facility, and low maintenance dibs have tightened up the faith pipeline.
  • Finally, the foot On/off option offers you on-demand war preparation.

Expert opinion:

In spite of having numerous facilities, long cord and battery life may throw you some unexpected situation at the battlefield. So be careful about that matter.

3. Karcher K1900 Electric Power Pressure Washer

Earlier arms may protect you from significant issues but cannot save you from the third of the devil. For protecting owners from that devil eyesight, industry standard pressure washer will mostly help: chiefly, for fighting with the deadly cobra. Including various offers and the presentations are:

  • For preventing tough series, a fighter needs tremendous support. To fulfill: the requirements, 1900 PSI with 1.3 GPM powers are installed inside the device.
  • The machine has also folded and 70 degrees (F) excellent water inlet option to enhance user experience on the fighting zone.
  • At least, a satisfying user experience largely depends on cleaning power in this device, for that reason: four powerful turbo nozzles are equipped inside the arm.
  • The weapon has also extended the purging power by using a single detergent scope; this means that flinty opponent has to endure a lot of pressure to survive.
  • In some case, the warrior needs to keep extra material stored for taking advantage of the battleground; that’s why an inventory facility has given.
  • Moreover, the producer has also offered further aptitude such as easy setup with three years warranty, Ultimate metal endurance from rust and corrosion, durable wheels to move the device for protecting every inch of the house.
  • Apart from that, there are flexible hose reel to wrap up the pipe smoothly, steel type spray wand for long-lasting cleaning.

Expert opinion:

Except for the single option detergent bar and low rated GPM power, the weapon is perfect for fighting with devil eye like a cobra.

4. Karcher K4 Electric Power Pressure Washer

This weapon looks same as K5, which we have reviewed at first, but the application of the arm has vast diversity for having an exceptional offer. Through that outstanding offer, the user will get the ultimate advantage even in rough condition. So, what are the proposals?  Watch out then:

The weapon offers fast cleaning with the help of 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM water flow.

To supply the water flow, it has 25-foot intense hose attaching with Vario power type spray.

And the shower can be adjusted according to fighter needs for defending dirt and grime.

To secure: the stain within a short time, N-Cor type pump supports with its durability.

 Through that long-lasting device, the user will also get low maintenance advantage in the field of rust and corrosion protection.
  • However, the motor inside the device is considered as life. To expand: the life of that device, the surrounding water plays a vital role. Consequently, the sustainable defense is ensured.
  • Including a detergent bar in the weapon has broadened up the security more than usual.
  • 7.7-inch reliable wheels are carrying all above the facilities.

Expert option:

Some user has found an unexpected problem at their weapon during the time of the second fight, such as freezing wands after a considerable gap. To solve that issue, Karcher has developed troubleshoot department. Except for the problem as mentioned earlier, the weapon is good enough to lead you to win.

5. Karcher K1800 Electric Power Pressure Washer

Ultimate gun, we are introducing with you to keep the winning journey onward. This is an optimum weapon for reducing pressure because it offers tremendous opportunities for a dust fighter. For example, a different form of the wand will support users to kill the various type of germs; likewise, so many exciting things are hidden inside the arm. Let’s take a look then:

  • 1800 PSI with 1.2 GPM will help you to kill maximum dust by using a low amount of water, which is very efficient.
  • Natural foot based ON/Off facility has also assisted the energy saving efficiency and also protect the fighter from backbone pain.
  • Besides, three individual nozzles with different water pressure selecting option have enhanced the support even better.
  • To keep: the separate sized vent in a safe zone, there is storage option too. With that scope, many relevant accessories can be secured.
  • Although the easy folding can save enough space in the garage even, you don’t need to worry for extra space.
  • Since the previous topic is about space, we want to introduce with you a provocative option, yes that is detergent tank which can help you to destroy tough dirt within a minute.
  • After measuring all above benefits still, the user wants a crucial thing which is durability; for that reason, the device is rust and corrosion proof as well as motor life is expanded by preventing overheating type problems.

Expert opinion:         

As a dust fighter, users have to be prepared with all equipment which is produced entirely by the manufacturer, but there is the thing that every user should consider: their material which can only be replaced by their authentic content otherwise the device won’t work. On that perspective, the cost is slightly high.

As we mentioned replacement related problem above the expert opinion journey, a common fact in every product has also revealed, and that is

Rapid Exchange Program:

With this program, Karcher owner provides proper replacement facilities to the users by a professional engineer.

In our weapon introduction journey, you have got the idea for choosing the best arm to fight against house enemies but did not get any purpose regarding maintenance and buying guide.

Yet, as a user, you deserve that idea, and our senior ranked officers are bound to give the direction for winning the war with efficiency. Probably, the following two criteria will free our officers from that liability. So, Dear soldiers, please read:

Pressure washer maintenance:

In this maintenance session, we will discuss, namely: support before fighting, maintenance after fighting. Therefore, first comes:

Maintenance before battle: 

  • Monitor the water inlet portion, if there is any dust, bright that or replace the damaged part.
  • For maintaining inline type screen, at first remove the clog with water, if it does not work, then go for repair.
  • Check the all connection before starting the machine
  • Check the spray gun and other kinds of stuff locking system.
  • Check for leakage or any problem in the pipeline             
  • The detergent bar must be checked before starting the machine.

Maintenance after fighting:

  • Unplug all the accessories from electric so that the device is free from pressure.
  • Clear the detergent bar with fresh water
  • Clear all the water from the machine
  • Help your device to get relaxed and employ trigger lock system as well.
  • Cut off all the spray-gun, wand, hose from the machine.

Electric pressure washer buying guide:

Next comes, the buying guide, through that our experts will explain what to consider before onboarding a pressure washer in house. Here are some of them:


The most critical factor influenced us to choose Karcher because of their fantastic material over which one can blindly depend at least for pulling back the expense.

Nozzle facility:

Apart from durability user needs to consider many other things and Nozzle facility is one of them especially, for cleaning different form of the enemy zone. In some case, there might have a glass or fragile element, to tackle them, use a low-pressure nozzle.

Weight and detergent facility:

Usually, the weight of the device stays between 15 to 35 pounds if it exceeds then check the moving capability. Another is the detergent tank, which is essential for the emergency moment when clouds of dust are too much tough to remove.

Checking wand and electric cord width:

Since the rod will be the route for performance, then it should be durable as well as the length of the electrical cord. Checking how long it can go is another crucial thing to consider.

Whose reel and storage option:

After checking all above, still some significant things are leftover for monitoring, and they are hose reel which will take care of the hose carefully from wrapping up. Another important factor is: checking storage option for keeping extra equipment inside to get the better advantage, at the battlefield.

GPM and PSI:

An essential factor for users, over that most of the efficiency, depends. So it’s crucial to check the GPM and PSI before buying.

Even after so many things still there are queries regarding pressure washer, and it is reasonable, we appreciate that also. From that inquiry, the whole team motivates to dive deep for fetching brand new solution for you. Here is some reflection from upcoming and existing dust fighters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Since the aim is to prove how Karcher pressure washers resemble Bumblebee, we hope the senior officers of this review session can make that as well as Karcher pressure washer reviews are also focused in the meantime. If you think deeply, you will find that this pressure washers nurture your house like the BumbleBee. especially, the way Sam Witwicky’s house and everything is monitored. 

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